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July 5, 2020


Dear Parishioners,

        A Blessed Independence Day Weekend to one and all!  As I type this on the preceding Monday, though I had hoped it last weekend, I again hope it for this weekend that we will be free to be back open at each of our parish’s three churches today for Sunday Mass.   Of course, if you are sick (with any malady at all) or are particularly vulnerable, please stay home for your sake and ours.  For those attending, remember to wear your mask, social distance yourselves in church, refrain from holding hands (or, indeed, from any physical contact), receive communion in the hand if at all possible so the communion minister does not have to stop the communion procession for the required 20-second sanitizing of his own hands after each communion administered on a person’s tongue, and we encourage you in these warmer months to visit afterward outside so that the church can be sanitized following each Mass.  And pray mightily that a successful vaccine will soon be found so that greater normalcy will once again return for us all.  If not approved for the 50%, then it’s back to Facebook once again.  At the very least this weekend (if we are back in church and, therefore, do not post a Sunday Facebook Mass), we are hoping to post the Fourth of July Mass on Facebook from the Fr. Edward Zimmer Peace Garden.  As mentioned last week, we are looking at a system that can unobtrusively livestream Masses while in process.  The estimated cost of this is $26,889.73.  Three donors have already pledged $5,300 toward this expense.  If you can help, this will assure that we will be able to stay in touch with Mass each day not only when a Wave 2 or another emergency occurs, but each and every day for our homebound, our snowbirds, and all parishioners who may on any particular weekend be sick or snowed-in. Many thanks!

Today, by the way, begins with the Full “Buck” Moon at 12:44 A.M., and it shall reach its fullness during a penumbral lunar eclipse.  Our special collections today are the July Buildings & Maintenance collection and the annual collection for the Church in Central & Eastern Europe.  This being the first weekend of the month, thanks for any donation of groceries today for the hungry of our community.

Monday is the 130th anniversary of an earlier vaccine:  in 1885 on this date, the first person was treated with Louis Pasteur’s rabies vaccine.  The Rosary is prayed at 7:00 P.M. this evening at St. Ambrose.

Tuesday means we have only 17 more weeks until Election Day.  If one wanted to truly be prepared from a faith perspective for that day, I might recommend the new Voting and Faithfulness:  Catholic Perspectives on Politics edited by Nicholas P. Cafardi, Paulist Press, Mahwah:  2020, $39.95, 326 pp., ISBN 978-0-8091-5490-6 with the writings of 15 respected Catholic theologians and professors on five different themes:  Faithful Citizenship, how Catholics perceive and talk about issues (racism, etc.), life issues, character issues, and how our bishops teach.  The hope is that by the last page, “you will put this book down with a renewed enthusiasm for putting our Catholic faith into action when you enter the voting booth” (p. ix).  There are an average 15 questions for further reflection at the end of each chapter.  Starting by July 26, one could cover the 15 chapters, one per week, by election day.

Staff on Wednesday, Nunavut Day Thursday, Wyoming’s 130th Friday, St. Benedict’s feast Saturday, George Eastman’s 166th Sunday.

—Father Schrader