WEAVE ( Women Empowered Against Violence Everywhere )  is a group  of dedicated women whose mission is to address the impact of domestic violence in our society.  The committee seeks to increase awareness of the presence of domestic violence in our community, reaches out with understanding and support to those  impacted by domestic violence and helps all impacted to live lives  of empowerment and dignity

Begun on March 31, 2003 as Domestic Violence Ministry, a sub committee of Dignity of Women at St John the Evangelist church, we became WEAVE on May 21, 2003. We are now under Social Ministry since the merge of our three parishes as Peace of Christ Parish. We have partnered with Alternatives For Battered Women, Sojourner House and Step by Step. Our committee helped to celebrate the postage stamp on Domestic Violence. We have also collected clothing, apartment needs and toys. Our biggest event is collecting toiletries for Valentines Day "goodie bags" which are given to our partners to aid those impacted and to bring love into their lives. This will be our 9th year.

This topic needs to be preached about, prayed about and openly talked about.  As a Christian Community, we are called to be a source of comfort and healing to those who are suffering in our midst

Founder of WEAVE
Suzanne Bach