Salt and Light

This SALT and LIGHT newsletter is published several times a month by the Office of Advocacy and Parish Social Ministry within the Catholic Family Center of the Diocese of Rochester. Contact Editor: Marcus Ebenhoe, (585) 546-7220 x6202.

July 20 2017 --- SALT & LIGHT LINK
Past editions of Salt & Light are now accessible on the Catholic Family Center webpages:


Many thanks to Bob Genthner at Peace of Christ parish who has been faithfully posting editions of Salt & Light on their social ministry pages for several years, with content annotations! Issues available for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017:

May 6 2014 Comfort Zones, Children's Victory, Unaccompanied Children, Visitation Prayer

May 21 2014 Creation Care, Immigration, Nigerian Girls, Help CFC, Events, Inequality, Volunteer needed

May 27 2014 Active Hope, Advocacy, Father's Day Prayer, Faith in Action, Pentecost Prayer, JEI Resources

June 4 2014 Climate Reality, Ethical Food, Alzheimer's Workshop, NYS Dream Act, US Bishop's and Immigration

June 17 2014 July Bulletins, Resources, Trafficking

July 3 2014 Immigrant Children, Refugees, Mary's Place, Climate Change, End of Life, Save the Date

July 10 2014 Creation Care, Middle East Peace, Parish Spotlight, Save the date for 2 Fall Programs

July 15 2014  Prayer for Children, Justice Resources, Advocacy, Hiroshima - Nagasaki, Saints Place Sale

July 24 2014 Bare Cupboards, Social Ministry Gathering, Bulletin Notice, Advocacy opportunities

July 31 2014 Children, Volunteer Help, Care of Creation, Faith & Fun

August 5 2014 Children at Home, Children's Sabbath, Resources for Child Poverty, St. Francis, Pasta Dinner

August 14 2014 Iraq, Children

August 27 2014 Social Ministry Resources, Advocacy

September 4 2014 Day of Peace, Resources, Advocacy

September 11 2014 Food Donations, Service and Peace, Mentor Training, Trafficking Program, Calling Artists

September 16 2014 Farm Workers, Empty Bowls, Peace, Climate Change

October 6 2014 Children's Weekend, Respect Life, Announcements

October 14 2014 Hunger Awareness, Harvesting Justice Dinner, Advocate for Children, Fair Trade Month

October 21 2014 Shopping for Good, Reality Tour, Saving Energy, Book Club, 2 Prayers

October 30 2014 JustFaith, Immigration Program & advocacy, Saints Place, CLE Grant, Online Advocacy

November 4 2014 Advocacy, Smell Like Sheep, Our City, Resources, Child Care, Shopping

November 11 2014 Hunger Awareness, Harvesting Justice Dinner, Advocate For Children, Fair Trade Month

November 20 2014 Human Rights, Speack Out, Climate Vigil, Latin American Justice, Announcements

December 4 2014 Advent, Just Faith,Lima,Diversity, Homelessness, Human Rights

December 16 2014  Day of Peace, Migrants, Public Policy Notes, Parish Spotlight 

January 8 2015 CLE, Migrant Life, Unborn Life, RocACTS Training, WEA Bulletin Pieces

January 20 2015 Poverty Awareness, Immigrant Training, Public Policy Materials

February 5 2015 Trafficking, Nonviolence, Lent, Albany, Invitations

February 11 2015 Just Lent, End of Life, Bringing Fresh Food to Your Neighbor

February 26  2015 Fun And Help, Peace In The Holy Land, Ending Poverty

March 2 2015 CFC News, PSM Conference, Trainings and Events

March 11 2015 Cross Walk, Blankets Needed, Energy Solutions, Selma

March 24 2015 Good Friday, Climate Resources, Social Ministry Conference, Easter Prayer, Announcements, SM Tips

April 9 2015 Earth Day Resources, Workers Rights, Immigration, Nuclear Disarmament 

April 16 2015 "Don't Miss Events"

April 21 2015 Trafficking, Prayer, Sustainability, Economic Justice, Announcements

April 28 2015 Registration, Nepal, Parish Spotlight, Faith In Action,Care of Creation, Family Detention, Children's Weekend

May 7 2015 Family Detention, Bulletins, Ecology Program, Racism

May 12 2015 Social Ministry Conference, Race, Apartments needed, World Refugee Day, Oil Trains

May 26 2015 Blessed Oscar Romero, Pope Francis, Volunteers Needed, Announcements

June 4 2015 Ministry Resources, Ecumenical and Interfaith Opportunities, Trafficking, Religious Persecution

June 9 2015 World Refugee Day, Children, Advocacy, JustFaith, Ramadan, Father's Day Prayer

June 18 2015 Laudato Si

July 2 2015 Family Detention, Immigration Action, Bulletin Notice, Lauidato Si, Upcoming Events

July 7 2015 Church, Family Planning, Laudato Si, Advocacy Results

July 14 2015 Poverty Packet, Evaluating Social ministry, Laudato Si, Racism, Trafficking, Advocacy

July 30 2015 Life, Advocacy for Life, Meeting Invitations, Justfaith Programs

August 4 2015 Youth Program, Great Cause, Parish Program, Advocacy, Spirituality

August 11 2015 Day of Prayer, School Supplies, Labor Day, Bread of Life, Respect Life, Disarmament, Advocacy

August 18 2015 Poverty

August 25 2015 Standing With Pope Fransic, Nuclear Disarmament

September 1 2015 CCHD, The Pope's Visit, Advocacy, Many Voices

September 8 2015 Respect Life Sunday, St. Francis Programs,Interfaith Celebration

September 17 2015 Respect Life, Follow the Pope, Events, Interfaith Diaogue

September 22 2015 Povert Programs, St. Francis Day, CFC Invitations, Bulletin Articles

October 1 2015 Advocacy, Poverty, Empty Bowls, Poverty Events, Harvest Welcome, Interfaith, Hunger Prayer

October 5 2015 Poverty Summit, Gun Violence, Reality Tour, RocACTS, Racism, Pope Link

October 13 2015 Green Churches, Pope Quotes, Faithful Citizenship, Lots of Events

October 26 2015 Harvesting Justice, Poverty Dialogue, Events and Resources

November 5 2015 Poverty Dialogue, Events

November 10 2015 Global Climate Justice

November 19 2015 Homelessness, Refugees, Prayers, Climate Talks

December 3 2015 (Page 1) and (Page 2) Poverty Dialogue, Paris Talks, Invitations, Advent Prayer

December 8 2015 Feeding Fear, Feeding Love, Good News People, Advocacy

December 15 2015 Migration Week, Resources, Sing-A-Long

December 21 2015 Year of Mercy, Catholic-Jewish Relations, Childcare Advocacy, March For Life, Mentoring

January 1 2016 World Peace Day

January 6 2016 Advocacy Weekend, Poverty Awareness, MKL Celebration, Homeless Outreach, New Resources, Immigration Raids

January 13 2016  Advocacy Weekend, MLK Celebration, Rice Bowl Resources

January 21 2016 Advocacy Weekend, Unite Rochester, Rice Bowl Resources, Albany

January 26 2016 Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving, Spanish Resources, Black Heritage, Juvenile Justice, Respect Life, Immigration

February 2 2016 Earth Day, Non Violence, Human Trafficking

February 9 2016 Just Faith, Lent, Refugee Prayer, Cross Walk, Naz Programs, Homeless Fundraiser

February 16 2016 Boasting, Trafficking Resource, Workshops, Pope Francis' visit, Prayer

February 25 2016 Boosting Teens, Climate Resources, Trafficking, Events,Faithful Citizenship

March 03 2016 Social Ministry, Assisted Suicide, Fair Trade, Youth, Cross Walk

March 17 2016 Earth Day, Child Care, Events

March 29 2016 Disability Rights, Creation Care, Upcoming Programs, Reflection on Brussels

April 7 2016 Creation, Earth Day Events, Assisted Suicide, Advocacy, Gun Violence, Voting

April 12 2016  Mercy, Make A Difference, Childcare, Break For Life, Urgent Advocacy

April 25 2016 Social Ministry, Foster Care Need, Events, Project Rachel

May 3 2016 Social Ministry Newsletter, Spanish Resources, Mercy, Events, Advocacy, DHS Training

May 17 2016 CLE, Child Advocacy, Faithful Citizenship, Events, Workshop Offerings

May 25 2016 Daystar, Advocacy, Poverty Meeting, Memorial Day, Albany

May 31 2016 Laudato Si', Food Collection, Center For Laity, Elder Abuse

June 6 2016 Ramadan, Announcements, Free T-Shirts, Just Faith, Eco-parish Guide

June 16 2016 Violence, Prayer, Non violance, Remembering, Events & Resources

June 21 2016 Prayer, Upcoming Events, Resources, Advocacy

June 28 2016 Poverty Meeting, Resources For Parish Outreach, Deportations, Back Packs

July 5 2016 St. Mary's Magdalene, Nuns On The Bus, Gun Violence, Oil Trains

July 14 2016 Summer Retreat, Violence, Race

July 19 2016 Understanding Conflict, Conflict and Reconciliation, Conflict Today, Overdose Prevention

July 28 2016 Faithful Citizenship, Prayer For Peace, Retreat Invitation, Emergency Help, September Events

August 03 2016 Creation Resources, Children, Prayer For Peace, Gun Safety, Black Catholics

August 10 2016 Mother Teresa, Useful Resources, Sudan Support, Advocacy, Syria Prayers

August 25 2016 Civil Discourse, Refugee Needs, Family Detention,Green Opportunities, Resources

August 30 2016 Prayer Resources. Refugee Advocacy, Migration,School Supplies, Consistent Life Ethic

September 20 2016 Poverty Awareness, Advocacy, Empty Bowls, Events

September 28 2016 Public Policy, Children, Project Rachel, Us vs Them, More Events

October 03 2016 Immigration, Farm workers,Empty Bowls,Roc/ACTS Dinner, Child Advocacy

October 11 2016 Advocacy, CRS Speaker, Fair Trade, Hurricane Matthew, Events

October 18 2016 Child Care, Events, Fair Trade, Consistent Life

October 25 2016 Prayers For Syria, Winterizing, Black History, Events

November 01 2016 CST Resources, Youth and Aging Resources, Advocacy, Haiti, Clothing Needed

November 10 2016 Homeless Outreach, Help CFC, Online Childcare Letter, Fr. Greg Boyle, Pope Quotes

November 22 2016 Migration Week, Day of Peace, CLE Grants, Energy Audits, Homeless Outreach, Advocacy

November 29 2016 Advent Prayer, Migration Week, Earth Day Info, Human Rights Day, Ghandi Events, Our Lady

December 08 2016 Public Policy Weekend, Migrant Resources, Child Advocacy, Stand For Creation, Community Sing

December 15 2016 World Day of Peace

December 27 2016 World Day of Peace, Public Policy, Climate Concerns, March For Life

January 03 2017 Prayer Fof Aleppo, Trafficking, Migration, Pachamama Event

January 13 2017 Life Issues, Education, Prayer Resources, Quotes, Movie

January 19 2017 Assisted Suicide, Prayer, Advocacy, Trafficking, Poverty,Events

January 26 2017 Immigrants, DACA and Bridge, Poverty, Valentines, Events, Resources

February 06 2017 Refugees, Public Policy, Events & Resources, 100 Years, Raise The Age

February 14 2017 Islam Program, Movie, Prayer, Lenten Resources, Poverty Flyer

February 28 2017 Rice Bowl, Immegration, Youth Incarnation, Green Corner

March 09 2017 CFC, RCIA Resource, Green Corner, Support Workers, Ecumenical Programs,Earth Day

March 14 2017 Refugees, Farm Workers, Green Corners, Earth Day, Health Care, Advocacy

March 21 2017 Bernardin Award, Building Peace, Green Corner, Immigration, Resources, Advocacy

March 30 2017 Social Ministry Conference, Green Corner, Youth Opportunity, Farm worker Day, Prayer

April 06 2017 Earth Mercy, Green Corner, Advocacy, Life

April 13 2017 New Resources, Green Corner, Refugee Update, Announcements

April 27 2017 SM Conference, Green Corner, Advocacy, North Korea, Sts Isadore & Maria

May 03 2017 SM Conference, Green Corner, Advocacy, GRCC Dinner, Mother's Day

May 09 2017 May 20, Advocacy, Green Corner, Volunteers Needed, Events

May 23 2017 Homeless Help, Paris Agreement, Green Corner, Events, IFTAR Invitation, Schools Advocacy

May 30 2017 Budget Advocacy, World Refugee Day, Green Corner, Events, Ramadan

June 8 2017 Paris Agreement, World Refugee Day, Green Corner, Events

June 15 2017 Eucharist, Summer Programs, Green Corner, Green Schools, Farm Workers

June 23 2017 Help Wanted, Advocacy, Proverty Simulator, Green Corner, Events and Resources 

June 29 2017 CFC Video, Advocacy, Consistent Life, Green Corner, Events and Resources

July 5 2017 Kids & Advocacy, Refugees, Green Corner, Light Burdens, RAIN Sale, Peace Speaker

July 14 2017 Blessing, Fair Trade, Trafficking, Green Corner, Pro Women/Pro Life

July 20 2017 Resources, Housing, Climate, Labor, Africa, Green Corner

July 25 2017 Dreamers, Transfiguration,Green Corner, Catholic Social Teaching, Romeo, Child Care

August 10 2017 Prayer Resources, Book Discussion, Green Corner, Children, Farm Workers, Tea

August 17 2017 Charlottesville, Saints, Green Corner, Events, Advocacy, Justfaith

August 24 2017 Nonviolance, Resources, Green Corner, Farmworkers 

August 31 2017 Prayers, Urgent Action, Resources, Green Corner, Events

September 7 2017 DACA, Advocacy,Children's Weekend, Green Corner, Volunteer, Events

September 14 2017 Hurricane Assistance, Care For Creation,Cool Congregation Award

September 21 2017 Events, Energy Use, Children's Weekend, Green Corner

September 28 2017 Share The Journey, Empty Bowls, Green Corner, Children's Weekend, Lots Of Events

October 5 2017 Prayer, Violence, Green Corner, Reality Tour, Events

October 10 2017 Share The Journey, Hrlp CFC, Green Corner, Responding to Opioids, Povert Simulation, Children's Weekend

October 19 2017 World Day of the Poor

October 25 2017 Opioid Crisis, RocActs, Green Corner, Dreamers, Events, resources

October 31 2017 Poverty Event, Election Prayer. Opioid Crisis, Green Corner, Elections, Events

November 16 2017 Day of the Poor, Help CFC, Green Corner, World Aids Day, Events, Human Rights Prayer

November 21 2017 Day Of The Poor, Racism, Migration Week, Green Corner, Calendar,Invitation

November 27 2017 Gun Violence,  Advent Resources, Green Corner, Movie

December 5 2017 Making Room, Advent Resourses, Gree Corner, Refugee Report, Advocacy

December 12 2017 Public Policy, Advocacy, Green Corner

December 21 2017 Refugee Videos, Green Corner, Racism,Climate, Prayer

December 28 2017 New Year, Social Ministry Gatherings, Public Policy Weekend, Events, MLK Day

January 16 2018 Advocacy, Housing, March For Life, Childcare, Dream Act, How Tos 

February 04 2018 Rice Bowl, Public Policy Weekend, Events

February 16 2018 Our Children, Petition Delivery. Rice Bowl, Anti-Racism, Praying For Peace, Rvents

February 21 2018 Social Ministry Conference, Call-In For Dreamers

March 1 2018 Cool Blues, Gun Violence. Dreamers. Nonviolence Pastoral

March 8 2018 Cross Walk, RocActs Dinner, Fighting, Hunger, Interfaith Event, Drones, Events, Prayer

March 16 2018 Common Ground, Racism, Advocacy, Events

March 22 2018 Social Ministry Conference, Events, Help needed, Advocacy

March 27 2018 Cross Walks, Used Tools, Immigrant Women

April 4 2018 Martin Luther King, Events

April 12 2018 Rejoice and Be Glad, Farm Bill, Green Corner. Events

April 20 2108 Earth Day, Support Life, Prayer, Borders, Fair Trade, Events

May 01 2018 ECO Parishes, Mother's Day, Peace, Immigrants, Migrants, Events

May 10 2018 ECO Parishes, Response to Opioids, Events

May 18 2018 Help Needed, World Refugee Day, Petition Update, Processions,Gaza Advocacy, Events

May 31 2018 ECO Sign-On, Book Launch, Advocacy, Events

June 8 2018 World Refugee Dy, Caribbean Mass, Memorial Service

June 14 2018 OPIOIDS, Events

June 19 2018 Border children, World Refugee Day

June 27 2018 Border Children, Fundraisers, Events

July 10 2018 Climate Change, Recycling, Action, Grants, Events

July 19 2018 Climate Change, Recycling, Action, Grants, Events

July 26 2018 Immigration Event, Opioid Resources, Trafficking, Ethical Trade, Events

August 7 2018 Parish Spotlight, Season of Creation. Events, Racism Blog, Death Penalty

August 14 2018 Creation Ministers, Season of Creation. Labor Day, Children's Weekend, Advocacy, Immigration

August 22 2018 Fair Trade, Refugees,Season of Creation, Events, Advocacy

August 30 2018  Labor Day, Farm workers, Children's Weekend, Season of Creation. EPA, Prayer

September 6 2018 Pope Francis, Season of Creation, Resources, Prayer, Events, Ways to Help

September 11 2018  Empty Bowls,Laudato Si', Resources,Book Talk, Advocacy

September 18 2018 Season of Creation, Prayer,Respect Life, Events, Resources

September 25 2018 Children, Public Policy, Housing,Consistent Life, Events, Advocacy

October 11 2018 Children, Hunger Program,Reality Tour, Events, Prayer, News

October 16 2018 Cry Of The Poor, Planning, Events

October 26 2018 Living Justice, Support Youth, Climate Meeting, Palestine, Election Rides, Events

November 2 2018 Adopt A Family, Retreat, Be The Light, Thanksgiving Player, Black Catholic History

November 9 2018 Warm Coats, Immigration, Climate Refugee Film

November 20 2018 Racism Pastoral, Events, Resources

November 27 2018 Marv Reflections

December 10 2018 Advent, Grant, Migration Week, Events, Resources

December 19 2018 National Migration Week, Public Policy, World Day of Peace, Poverty Awareness

January 2 2019 Catholic Charities, Franciscan Blessing, March For Life, Dimitri House, Justice Calendar

January 15 2019 Border Justice, Advocacy Weekend, Events, Resources

February 25 2019 Lent, Wall Funding, Events and Resources

March 6 2019 Lent, Events

March 15 2019 Events, Advocacy, Help Wanted

March 26 2019 Catholic Social Teaching, Events

April 4 2019 New Director, Good Friday, Easter Prayer, Events,Resources, Advocacy

April 22 2019 Earth Day, Prayer, Events, Resources

May 14 2019 Life, Creation Summit, GRCC Dinner, Advocacy, Events

May 23 2019 Memorial Day, GRCC Dinner, Advocacy, Events

June 4 2019 Laudato SI, Advocacy, Open Wide Our Hearts, GRCC Dinner, Events

June 10 2019 World Refugee Day, Advocacy

June 20 2019 Human Dignity, School Supplies, Farmworkers, Creation, Interfaith

June 27 2019 Immigration Crisis, Helping Immigrants, Convening, Events

July 2 2019 Gatherings, JustFaith Program, Peace Mass, Prayers, Resources

July 12 2019 Lights For Library, Time To Gather, Rethinking Recycling, Life Issues Office Update

July 19 2019 4 Actions To Promote Border Justice, Reflections On A Burning Cathedral

July 24 2019 Charity & Justice, Service, Social Teachings, Lessons, Now

August 2 2019 Changes To SNAP, USCCB Response to Death Penalty, Earth Overshoot Day & Ways to Respond

August 9 2019 USCCB & Women Religious Response To Shootings, Prayer For Peace, White Fragility Workshop

August 16 2019 White Fragility Workshop, USCCB Response to Immigration Policy, What You Can Do, Calendar Of Events

September 6 2019 Season of Creation, Call to Action concerning SNAP, Respect Life Month Materials on Racism

September 8 2019 Labor Day Reflections, Season of Creation, Things You Can Do to Help the Amazon

September 13 2019 Season of Creation, Climate Strike FAQ's, Events, & Resources, Opiod Prayer Service

September 20 2019 Tonight! Opiod Prayer Service, Climate Strike Events & Resources, Respect Life Mass, Childrens' Weekend

October 4 2019 Respect Life Mass, Respond to Refugee Numbers, Childrens' Weekend, World Day Against the Death Penalty

October 11 2019 Children's Weekend, Dr. Carolyn Woo, Interfaith Dialog, Series On Racism, GRCC Celebrates 100 Years

October 25 2019 Night Will Be No More, Dr.Harry Murray, Souls To The Polls, Human Trafficking

November 1 2019 Fr. James Martin, SJ., Dr. Harry Murray, Souls To The Polls, Human Trafficking, Climate Training

November 8 2019 Climate Training, Veterans For Peace,White Privilege Symposium, Prayer For Veterans

November 15 2019 Climate Training, Empty Bowls Event, Roc/ACTS Banquet

November 22 2019 Empty Bowls Event, Roc/ACTS Banquet, Take Action To Stop Immigration Fees

November 27 2019 Empty Bowls Event, Roc/ACTS Banquet, Take Action Support The Paris Agreement Withdrawal

December 6 2019 Advent Resources, 12 Environmentally Friendly Gifts, Buy Peaceful Toys, Support Nuclear Treaty

December 13 2019 Shopping Ethically, Gift Ideas, New Migrant Center, Music For The Journey

December 20 2019 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping, Migration Week, Music For The Journey, RICA Meeting

December 27 2019 National Migration Week, Music For The Journey, RICA Meeting, Honoring Our Pain

January 10 2020 Say No! To War, Poverty Awareness Month, Slavery And Human Trafficking Month

January 17 2020 Poverty Awareness Month, Remembering MLK, Racism & End of Life Events, Slavery Footprint

January 24 2020 Poverty Awareness Month, Seeing With New Eyes, March For Life, Braiding For Hope

February 7 2020 Human Trafficking Day Of Prayer, DIO Public Policy Weekend, Civilize it!

February 14 2020 Lenten Soup Suppers on Racism, Bishops' Response To Public Charge, Act Now To Save The EPA

February 21 2020 Panel on Institutional Bias, Energy Efficiency How Challenge, Act Now Support 3 for 5

 February 28 2020 Lenten Resources, Energy Efficiency How Challenge, Act Now Support 3 for 5. Black History

March 6 2020 RSVP For Poverty Simulation, The Construction Of Whiteness, Efficiency Challenge

March 13 2020 Coronavirus Response, Act Now to Support Early Intervention Services

March 20 2020 Coronavirus Response, Act Now to Support Stop RG&E Shut Offs, Prayer, Poem, & Scripture of the Week

March 27 2020 Rice Bowl Update, Trauma Informed Care In the, Parish Webinar, Call For Supplies

April 3 2020 Connecting Deeply, Call For Supplies, Pope's Blessing, Census Day, Stations of the Cross

April 10 2020 Stream the Tridium with Bishop Matano, Call for Supplies,Cath Charities Support More Aid

April 17 2020 Earth Day Resources, Donate Life Month, Census Time!

April 24 2020 New World Without Inequality and Justice, Donate Life Month, Emotional Support

May 1 2020 Green Stimulus, Mini Just-Faith Program, Virtual Novena For Farmers

May 8 2020 Laudato SI Week, Mini Just-Faith Program, Virtual Novena For Farmers

May 15 2020, Mini Just-Faith Program, Calls to Action: Support CFC & SNAP

May 22 2020 Laundato SI World, Stand Up for Sisters, Free FABM Workshop

May 29 2020 Food Drive for Migrants, Advocate for CARES ACT to Support CFC, Free Mini Just-Faith Program

June 6 2020 Racism A Pro-Life Issue, Diocesan Food Drive, Just Faith Reflection on Racism

June 12 2020 Churches to Reopen, A Walk in Their Words, Just Faith Reflection On Racism



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