Human Rights & Development Ministry


Participants respond to the Gospel challenges of peace and justice through support of local and global rights organizations, ideals, and advocacy activities.


  • Peace and Justice Committee: Wally Ruehle
  • Staff: Fr. Schrader


  1. POC- Amesty International's Urgent Action Newtwork (DOMANET)
  2. POC- Public Policy Human Rights advocacy (PJC)
  3. POC- Public Policy Farm Workers/Immigration awareness (PJC)
  4. POC- Public Policy Children issues advocacy awareness (PJC)
  5. POC- International Human Rights Day celebration  co-sponsor (Bob Genthner)
  6. POC- Monthly SMC Parish Tithing Allocation Team (Mary Casey)
  7. POC- Women Empowered Against Violence Everywhere (WEAVE) Committee (Sue Bach)
  8. POC- Used Cell phone collection with Verizon for phone re-distribution to women in need (Bob Insull)
  9. POC- Public Policy advocacy Global Warming awareness (PJC)
  10. POC- Public Policy education effort to heighten awareness of and solidarity w/Africa (PJC)
  11. POC- Liaison to Catholic Family Center's Social Policy and Research - Marv Mich/Ruth Marchetti (Bob Genthner)
  12. POC- Roc/ACTS board rep representing parish (Bob Insull & Karen Costello)
  13. POC- Liaison Rep to The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester (TIAR) (Bob Genthner)
  14. POC- Public Policy Sex Trafficking, Individual and the Common Good, Mental Health Care for Children awareness advocacy (PJC)
  15. POC- Liaison to Community Place of Greater Rochester (Marty Moynihan)
  16. POC- Public Policy Strengthen Families awareness advocacy (PJC)