Comfort with Love Ministry


On parishioners and others needing comfort through difficult times in their lives.


  • SMC: TBA
  • Staff: Sr. Marlene Vigna


  1. SA/SJ- Attend wakes and funerals in the name of the parish (Kathy Babij)
  2. SJ- Follow up meetings with bereaved parishioners (Kathy Babij)
  3. SA/SJ- Notifies staff of situations of parishioners needing attending (Kathy Babij)
  4. SA/SJ- Writes letters, sends cards to recently bereaved parishioners (Kathy Babij)
  5. SA/SJ- Parish Visitors and Cards sent to parishioners in health related facilities, sending cards, correspondence to the sick, recovering from illness, homebound, and in nursing homes (Sr. Marlene Vigna)
  6. SA- Lights of Love, donations made in memory of deceased loved one, support various agencies (Vicki Iannettone)
  7. SA- Advent Giving Tree - special Lights of Love to benefit Fr. Dominic (Ghana) (Vicki Iannettone)
  8. SA/SJ- Home Ministers of Communion and cards sent to homebound parishioners (SA-TBA, SJ- Sr.Marlene Vigna)
  9. SJ- Visiting the sick, serve as Eucharistic Ministers, send bulletins and notes to shut ins (Sr. Marlene Vigna)