Catholic Social Teachings

Catholic Social Teaching
Basic Principles
Option for the Poor
The overarching Gospel principle is the obligation to attend to the people who are poor. In her social teachings the Church holds strongly to the truth that the moral fabric of a nation is determined by how well it provides for the poor in its midst.
Dignity of work
The dignity of work flows from the dignity of the human person and the rights of the person to participate in using his/her gifts and skills to provide for one’s livelihood and that of one’s family.
Common Good
The common good implies that social structures of society must be crafted in such a way that all people have the opportunity to participate and fulfill their basic human needs.
Social Nature of the Human Person
We each exist in community. Our individual welfare and the protection of our rights (housing, healthcare, employment, education, physical protection, etc.) should be safeguarded by community policies and structures.
The Universal Purpose of Material Things
All gifts of nature, natural resources, and technology must serve the dignity of the person, support the community, and contribute to the common good.
Dignity of the Human Person
Respecting one’s dignity implies that individuals have access to the basic necessities of life, which enables them to live humanly.
Everyone should be involved in decisions that affect their lives.
Solidarity of the Human Family
The human family depends on each other. We are all part of the earth’s household – no one should be excluded.