Music Ministries

NO SINGING AT MASS and Parish Choirs

Due to the contagious spread of COVID19, public singing will not be allowed at Sunday Masses at this time.  Minimal singing will be done by only the Cantor.  Choirs will not be gathering until further notice.  Hymnals in all churches have been removed.  Masks are required for everyone, sanitize hands when you enter & please social distance ( at least 6 feet apart).

Contact Janet Andrychuk-Tedesco or Terry Keach at the parish office or through email.  Choirs are not rehearsing at this time.  If you are interested in any of our parish choirs or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Janet and Terry are in the office Monday - Thursday and can be reached at 585-288-5000 ext. 110 (Janet) or ext.122 (Terry).  


If you are planning to have your wedding at Peace of Christ Parish, first contact our Parish office to set up a preliminary appointment. See the Parish Wedding Guidelines for specific information.   All music selections must be approved by either Janet Andrychuk-Tedesco or Terry Keach and music must be in accordance with the Diocesan Wedding Guidelines.  Music Consultation, Organist and Cantor are included in the Parish Wedding fee.  Additional musicians must be approved by Music Director.