Adult Faith Formation

Wednesday, April 8, 10am-11am: LIVE book discussion on Zoom:, Ch. 1-3, on Matthew Kelly's bestselling book: The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity.

Would you like practical tools to dispel the false promises the modern culture feeds you, and discover the single truth that is the key to regaining your fervor, uniting Christians, and leaving your mark on the world—and experiencing more happiness than you thought possible? If so, then join us on five (5) consecutive Wednesday mornings, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29 and 5/6, 10am-11am, for live discussions via Zoom:, as we discuss New York Times Bestselling Author, Matthew Kelly's book: The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity (Kelly, Matthew. The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity. North Palm Beach: Wellspring, 2018).

Need a book? If you would like a free book, contact Melissa Mang at or call (585)288-5000, ext. 121, with your complete address information. The book will be sent directly to your address.

First book discussion is Wednesday, April 8, 10am-11am LIVE on Zoom: Just click on the link, and you will be taken directly to our discussion! We will share our thoughts on Chapters 1-3 using the discussion questions for Session 1: "It's Personal," as our guide. These questions can be found at: The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity Study Guide.

For those who do not have access to the Internet, they can call into our live discussions using the following phone number and Meeting ID#: 1-646-876-9923; Meeting ID# is 422-694-831.
We hope you can join us!

*Note: You will use the SAME ZOOM link (and meeting ID#) to join ALL our Wednesday morning discussions, 10am-11am.

Meeting dates and assigned chapters (remember: all discussion questions are from this Study Guide):

Session/Topic                                                                  Date                                                     Book Chapters Discussed

#1: It’s Personal                                                                 4/8                                                        Ch. 1-3

#2: The Lies We Live                                                         4/15                                                      Ch. 4-6

#3: The Solution                                                                4/22                                                       Ch. 7-9

#4: Not the Same                                                              4/29                                                       Ch. 10-12

#5: Transformed                                                                5/6                                                         Ch. 13-15

May 3, 2020: Join us LIVE via Zoom on Sunday, May 3rd, for a study and discussion on St. Joseph the Worker. Seven Sorrows of St. Joseph; Seven Joys of St. Joseph. Based on Fr. Donald H. Calloway's book: Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father.Stockbridge: Marian Press, 2020. More details to follow.