"Justice, Peace and Life" Newsletter

This Justice, Peace and Life newsletter is published monthly by the Justice & Peace Ministry Staff of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rochester.

July 20 2017 --- JUSTICE, PEACE and LIFE LINK

Past editions of Justice Peace and Life are now accessible on the Catholic Family Center webpages:



Many thanks to Bob Genthner at Peace of Christ parish who has been faithfully posting editions of Justice, Peace and Life on their social ministry pages for several years, with content annotations! Issues available for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017:

May 2014 Can You Spare Some Change?

June 2014 An Offense Against God

July 2014 Keeping Your Hand on the Plow: Fulfilling a Moral Obligation. Review of advocacy efforts in 2014 legislative sessions.

August 2014 Workers' Rights are Human Rights

September 2014 Pledging to Change.

October 2014 Made in the Image of God.

November 2014 Equal in Dignity: Women's Rights in New York State

December 2014 Pregnant with Hope: Dignity for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be, Equal Pay for Equal Work

January 2015 No Longer Slaves but Brothers and Sisters

February 2015 Giving Up Indifference for Lent

March 2015 Archbishop Oscar Romero, Fast for Climate Change, Diocesan SM Conference

April 2015 Caring for God's Creation = Caring for the Poor

May 2015 Fair Trade: How We Spend Our Money is a Moral Issue

June 2015 Summertime ... and the Livin' Isn't Always Easy, Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade Ambassadors

July 2015 Victory for Women! Victory for Unborn Children!, Care of our common home

August 2015 Commemorating Workers on Labor Day

September 2015 Off to a Good Start: Combating Childhood Poverty

October 2015 From Womb to Tomb: Respecting Life at All Stages

November 2015 Prayers and Action For Mother Earth

December 2015  Middle Eastern Family Fleeing Violence and Political Oppression Seeks Refuge

January 2016 Mixing Politics and Religion, 9 Days For Life, CRS Rice Bowl

February 2016 Mercy for the Incarcerated

March 2016 Now and At Hour of Our Death, 2016 Diocesan Social Ministry Conference

April 2016 Diocesan Social Ministry Conference,

May 2016 Justice fof Farm Workers, Now and At the Hour of Our Death

June 2016 Gun Violence, Physician Assisted Suicide

July 2016 A Radical Evil, 

August 2016 Solidarity with the Victims of War, Standing with Workers for Labor Day

September 2016 Let's Stop Sinning Against the Earth, Faithful Citizenship

October 2016 Respect Life Month: Moved By Mercy, Caring For Loved Ones At Life's End

November 2016 Due Respect, Doctrine of Discovery, Standing with Standing Rock

December 2016 Creating a Culture of Encounter

January 2017 Public Policy Weekend

February 2017 Christians and Muslims are Brothers and Sisters, Catholic - Muslim Collaboration

March 2017 A Summons to Conversion and to Change, Diocesan SM Conference, Rice Bowl

April 2017 Mercy for Our Common Home,

May 2017 A Universal Right, Catholic Health Ministry, Haiti

June 2017  Each of Them with a Name, World Refugee Day, Physician Assisted Suicide

July 2017 Moral Imperative of Budget Spending Priorities

August 2017 Bridges Not Walls, Oppose the RAISE Act

September 2017 Season of Creation, Our Common Home, World Bank

October 2017 Respect Life Month

November 2017 World Day of the Poor

December 2017 Migrants and Refugees, UN Global Compacts

January 2018  Standing With Immigrants in the U.S., Diocesan Public Policy Weekend Feb 10/11

February 2018 Keep the DREAM Alive, Social Ministry Conference

March 2018 Unimaginable Grief and Common Sense, Our Work Is Not Done

April 2018 Social Ministry Conference, Dr. King's Triple Evils

May 2018 Fleeing Into The Arm Of America

June 2018 Families Torn Apart, Justice For Immigrants, World Refugee Day

July 2018 Addiction, Opiod Crisis with Love, Standing with Immigrants

August 2018 Responding to the Opioid Crisis

September 2018 Love In Every Step:Share the Journey Prayer Pilgrimage, Opioid Crisis with Love

October 2018 Respecting Every Life

November 2018 Seeking Asylum is Not a Crime

December 2018 One Death Every Ten Minutes

February 2019 Justice for Farm workers, Sad News from Albany

March 2019 Open Wide Our Hearts - Diocesan Social Ministry Conference

April 2019 Diocesan Social Ministry Conference, Earth Day

May 2019 Justice for Farmworkers: The Time is Now, Open Eide Our Hearts

June 2019 It's Go Time: Justice For Farmworkers

July 2019 The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Toward Justice

August 2019 No Vacation From Social Justice Advocacy

October 2019 Racism Is A Life Issue

November 2019 Now And At The Hour Of Our Death

December 2019 Welcoming The Stranger, Stand with the Dreamers

January 2020 Human Dignity Until the End: Join in the Diocesan Effort to Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide

February 2020 Public Policy Weekend is almost Here!, Rice Bowl

March 2020 There's Something Fishy - and - Terrible Going On Here

May 2020 Celebrate Laudato Si Week, US Census

June 2020 Essential Work, Throw-Away Workers: Stand With Farmworkers