Fr. Bob Schrader    
Rev. Robert Schrader Rev. Timothy Brown    
Pastor Parochial Vicar    
Sr. Marlene Vigna  
Rob Layer Sr. Marlene Vigna  
Pastoral Associate Pastoral Associate    
Sheila Tumminelli
Melissa Mang Sheila Tumminelli Colleen Griffith Patty Macera
Catechetical Director/Youth Ministry Secretary Secretary Finance Director
Janet Andrychuk-Tedesco  
Janet Andrychuk-Tedesco Terry Keach Laurie Brown  
St. Ambrose / St. James Director Music Ministry St. James Organist / St. John Director Bookkeeper  


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Peace of Christ
Staff Members, who are doing their best with masks and social distancing
for our annual Christmas photo.
Wishing everyone a healthy, safe, and happy 2021.


Christmas 2019