Welcome to Peace of Christ Parish!

Looking for a parish with meaningful liturgy and welcoming people who have come together to worship God and to work as a community dedicated to service? Welcome to Peace of Christ Parish!

If St. Ambrose, St. James, or St. John the Evangelist church has become your worship site, you are encouraged to register with the parish.

There are three opportunities to register with the parish:

  1. You are welcome to come to the Parish Office to register.  It only takes a few minutes.  At this time, we ask unvaccinated people to wear a mask.  Please see office hours.
  2. On the Fourth Sunday of each month, we host "Welcome Weekend". Pastoral Council members are in the back of each of the churches, after each Mass, to assist families who want to register with the parish.
  3. Please PRINT a  Census Card and return it to the parish office: Peace of Christ Parish Office, 25 Empire Blvd. Rochester, NY 14609-4335. 

If you have any other questions, please contact the Parish Office at 585-288-5000.