School History

In the fall of 2005, due to declining enrollments across the diocese, Bishop Matthew Clark, announced that seven schools would merge into 3 schools. This meant that St. Ambrose School and St. John the Evangelist School on Humboldt Street would become one school. The new school was to hold sessions in the old St. Ambrose School building and the school was renamed St. John Neumann School . The name is appropriate as Bishop Neumann established the first diocesan school system in the United States in 1852. The new St. John Neumann School opened its doors in the fall of 2006 under the leadership of Ms. Marie Arcuri, with many new teachers on the staff as well as many new students who quickly became good friends establishing a solid new school community.

As diocesan school enrollments continued to decline, the Bishop again was forced to announce in the spring of 2008 that 10 additional schools would be forced to close their doors across the diocese and St. John Neumann School again saw many additional changes. It went from having 1 of every grade level, preschool through sixth grade, to having 2 of every level except 3 and 6. Students from all across the diocese, from Gates to Greece to Webster and Fairport joined together to once again form a warm and caring community. Many new and exciting traditions have been established which students look forward to every year. Many service projects are done to help the community outside the school's walls.

In 2011 the Diocese again decided to revise the format of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Rochester, and the formerly diocesan schools once again reverted to the parishes starting in the fall of 2011. Peace of Christ Parish welcomed the St. John Neumann School into its community with open arms and another new era begins for the Neumann students.

Working together the students and staff continue to feel that they are a strong family community and hope to continue to be so for many years to come.