Peace and Justice

Care for Creation/ Global Climate Change

  • Care for Creation related scientific, ethical and theological information pertaining  to this serious human life issue to complement Pope Francis' encyclical letter on human ecology - the relationship between development, concern for the poor and responsibility for the environment.

  • See the Care for Creation Committee web page for activities and information.

Special Report 

You'll find under the Justice, Peace, and Life link below,  the June 2015 version of Justice, Peace and Life, focusing on children in poverty and Fair Trade. Also immediately below is the information packet on the topic of Children in Poverty from our Diocesan Public Policy Committee.   This packet includes a letter from Bishop Matano calling us all to be involved in this important work as well as resources to help your parish engagement.  On October 20 at 3:00 in the Bishop Hickey Conference Center,  Catholic Family Center will host a gathering for parish staff and social ministry leaders focused on concrete ways we can work together to reduce poverty in Monroe County.  More to come, but please save the date.

-- Bishop Matano Letter

-- Children Poverty Packet - June 2015

Peace and Justice Committee Covenant

Preamble: We acknowledge the climate of accepted violence in our world to be antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ and to the very name of our parish. We are called by those teachings to live lives based on peace and justice, first in our personal and family lives, and then in our lives as members of our faith, civic and world communities. Peace is only possible when we practice non-violent processes to achieve justice. These processes are characterized by mutual respect and help in maintaining the individual’s human rights of life, liberty and mutual happiness, practicing forgiveness for past failures, honoring cultural diversity and the necessity to suppress evil through commonly accepted just laws.

Covenant Tenets: We, the members of the Peace and Justice Committee of Peace of Christ Roman
Catholic Parish, covenant:

  • To educate ourselves and others about peace and justice issues within our faith communities, city, country and world.
  • To advocate for peace and justice in our daily lives and to help each other to abide by our personal promises and commitments.
  • To honor differences among us by listening to concerns about our work in a non-judgmental, respectful and open manner.
  • To find new ways to claim people’s rights and new ways of acting against injustice and oppression, recognizing the dignity of each human being.
  • To collaborate with compatible groups and organizations in our city, state and nation to secure peace and justice through non-violence.
  • To make Peace of Christ a “peace parish” that recognizes issues of peace and justice demeaning the oppressed and marginalized, and acts to correct injustices based on beliefs, emotions, intentions, relationships, environments, economics and visions that foster violence.
  • To teach the necessity for seeking forgiveness and finding reconciliation to right past injustices and acts of violence.
  • To promote a connection between our efforts and the worship, social ministry, faith formation and the pastoral leadership and staff of our parish.
  • To persist in our efforts to maintain and grow the Peace and Justice Committee.
  • To act with a deep sense of prayer in our work.

--- Peace and Justice Committee 3/20/13


"Justice, Peace and Life" Newsletter produced monthly by the Justice & Peace Ministry Staff of Catholic Charities Diocese  of Rochester

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