Community Life Committee

The purpose of the Community Life Committee is to plan the various social activities that we have come to enjoy in the Peace of Christ Parish. These activities are held so that we all may take pleasure in and benefit from the fellowship of our parishes.

The Community Life Committee consists of parishioners from St. Ambrose, St. James, and St. John the Evangelist Churches. New members are always welcome. This helps to increase our resource pool and we would encourage anyone with new ideas to step forward.

Some of the family and adult oriented events that Community Life has sponsored include.  See bulletin or Calendar for actual dates

  • Chili Supper - February
  • Bingo Pot Luck Supper - April
  • Strawberry Social - June
  • Red Wing Night - July
  • Parish Picnic - September 
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party - October

Anyone interested in becoming a member of this committee should contact the Parish Office at 585-288-5000.

Community Life meets on an as-needed basis to prepare for activities as they occur. Much of our staying in touch involves the use of email so that we can quickly send ideas, dates, confirmations, and suggestions back and forth without taking away from our valuable family time.

We all work hard throughout the year giving of our time and of ourselves through our volunteer activities. Being a member of the Community Life committee gives us an opportunity to give back to those who help to make these parishes the vibrant and charitable home that it is.