200 Club

The 200 Club began approximately thirty years ago and received its name because the goal was to have 200 members enrolled. The purpose of the club is two-fold, Fun and Fundraiser.

It begins each year in the Spring and is open to everyone, parishioners and non-parishioners. The members pay $40. This makes them eligible for the weekly drawings of $30, $25, $15 and $10 plus a complimentary ticket to the final banquet held in September, where $1,000 in prizes is awarded. All winners are announced in the weekly church bulletin.

After a fun-filled year and a delicious banquet, the remaining funds are presented to Peace of Christ Parish.

* NEW this year.  Payment needs to be made by giving $20 for the dinner ticket, and $20 for the raffle.  If paying by CHECK, we will need two checks paying to Peace of Christ Parish.